A Little about myself

My name is Bogdan Tishchenko and I am a local Seattle photographer specializing in real estate, architecture, and landscape photography. If you are looking to obtain professional photos, I can help by capturing engaging and attractive photos that will stand out among the competition. 

I started photographing real estate while working for a commercial real estate firm called Kidder Mathews. Being part of the marketing team, I collaborated directly with the agents to develop strategies to promote their listings. Since I was already putting together their marketing materials, I offered my photography services to them as well. Liking my work, the agents began offering me properties to shoot and I was able to become more comfortable behind the camera. I implemented my marketing experience in my photography, improved my skills and techniques, and opened my own photography business.

Photography is not only a business, but also a way for my creativity to flow by giving me an excuse to travel, explore, and immerse myself in elements to find unique compositions and capture special moments. It is an escape from my full time job that motivates me to venture into the Cascade Mountains in search of amazing views or to the coastline to enjoy the fresh breeze from the ocean.

If you are interested in collaborating with me on a project, feel free to reach out and I will be glad to help. The best way to contact me is by using the contact form on this website. I look forward to working with you.